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Meet Mare

Mare is a former journalist and radio announcer, who now runs her own company, Redhead Mare Media.


She spearheads the Mareathon, an online community connecting like-minded people committed to a positive, thriving life. 

Mare created the Mareathoner community, to ensure others feel less alone and to create a safe online space.  


She's a strong woman with a strong brand encouraging women to take care of themselves.  


Mare is an advocate for mental health, women's health and special needs.  


With more than two million views, Mare runs an active YouTube channel. 


She creates a variety of content, creating a slice of life in her content. 

In January 2020, Mare released Finding Your Cape: How to Course Correct and Achieve Greatness When Things Don't Go as Planned.

Finding Your Cape instantly became an Amazon bestseller and is available in paperback, digital form and audiobook.


Mare is raising her beautiful son, Thomas as a single mum. 


Thomas has special needs and she is determined to boost inclusion in our world & educates others by showing their life online. 


 In 2017, Mare became a widow at the age of 33 when her husband Jeremy took his life after battling depression and anxiety for years. 


This tragedy spurred Mare to openly document her journey, with the hopes of helping others.


She believes 'life's not a sprint, it's a mareathon'.


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