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Mare McHale BSW, RSW is a former journalist and radio host, now holding a Bachelor of Social Work with a Registered Social Worker designation. She graduated from the University of Calgary in 2023 with distinction, at the age of forty. 


Mare offers counselling services in person, online and over the phone, to help people reach their goals and guide in their healing. She is trained in helping adults with their mental health, grief support, life skills, caregiver needs and more. Mare welcomes people of all backgrounds and identities.

Mare uses a strengths-based approach, focusing on understanding a person's ecosystem, background and needs in order to best help a client. Mare is known for being accepting, open, empowering and kind. She is trained in Mental Health First Aid, Trauma-Informed Care and Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.

Mare is a best-selling Canadian author of the book Finding Your Cape: How to Course Correct and Achieve Greatness When Things Don't Go As Planned. Self-published in 2020, Finding Your Cape was an Amazon instant best-seller in multiple categories. You can find the book in paperback, digital form and audiobook. You can also listen to three seasons of Mare's popular podcast, Finding Your Cape on every podcasting platform.

Mare spearheads the Mareathon, an online community connecting like-minded people committed to a positive, authentic, thriving life. This community was formed years ago by Mare, to ensure others feel less alone in a safe online space. You can request to join here.


For more than a decade Mare has been documenting her journey online, with vulnerability, honesty and humility. She has brought her viewers along as she became a mother, changed careers, started her own business, went back to school and became a widow at the age of 33. Mare openly shares her journey with the hopes of helping others.  

She's a strong woman with a strong brand encouraging women to take care of themselves.  


Mare is an advocate for mental health, women's health and special needs.  



She believes 'life's not a sprint, it's a mareathon'.


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