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For the first time ever, Mare is offerin

A note from Mare:


I am so thrilled you're interested in my coaching services!

Email me now for this reduced pricing:


I have been through more than I ever could have expected, but I have known one thing throughout it: my purpose is to help others make sense of their own challenges and rise above them.

From losing my dad as a teen, leaving my established journalism career to start my own business, raising my special needs son, or becoming a widow at 33, my life has definitely not gone as planned!

My most transformative times have come from the lows of trauma as I got quiet and listened to that inner voice. My cape has always been patiently waiting for me, and I lean on her for courage, positivity and self-worth.

One common thread in my lowest times has been: fear of getting stuck. Are you feeling stuck? Could you use a boost of confidence and help in finding your way? 

I am ready to help you course correct and achieve greatness, especially when things haven't gone as planned.

Take advantage of this reduced pricing!

Mare wanted to launch this coaching to connect with as many people as possible, after having to cancel her ten city book tour/masterclass offering, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. She wants to help YOU, from the comfort of your own home. 

Email me now for this limited-time reduced pricing:


only $60

one time, one call


only $250

four weeks of calls, in a small group


only $450

four weeks of calls, one-on-one

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