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Always Holding Your Hand

This beautiful painting showed up on my front door, a few months ago. I didn't know it was on its way to me and it couldn't have arrived at a better time.

One of my closest friends Jess (whom I refer to as my Wife, if you've been around for a while, you know who I'm talking about) sent this to me out of the blue. Not only did she mail this to me from across the country, Jess painted it herself.

I didn't even know she could paint!

Jess is widely talented and I don't think she's ever met a task or project she didn't nail. I'm pretty sure she was watching Bob Ross on Netflix one day and thought, "I could do that".

And then she did.

A couple weeks before this gorgeous original piece of art showed up on my doorstep, Jess and I were texting as she helped me through a particularly dark time. She knew I was struggling and she asked what she could do. Through tears I replied, "I wish you were here to just hold my hand".

"And I am ALWAYS holding your hand" she replied.

And she's right. Jess is always holding my hand. We've been friends since 2005 and although we've only spent a few collective months living in the same city, she's been there.

As we've been friends for so long, our song is "Umbrella" by Rihanna. She even managed to incorporate this imagery in her painting.

Whether your friends are in the same city or two provinces away, I hope you have a Jess. I hope you realize that part of your family (or in some cases your entire family) is made of up of the people you choose to let in and the people who choose to stick around. No matter who you are, I know you have someone who is always holding your hand.

oxox Mare

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