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Oh Hummus

I think if you were to take a sample of my blood, it would be 47% hummus.


I love hummus. Specifically I love Homous.

This brand of hummus has come out tops for me after trying countless kinds. (I do mean countless!) It's delicious and a great addition to plenty of dishes. I use it as dip for veggies or crackers or oven fries, as a spread on a sandwich and pretty much any way I can justify having it ;)

It's crackers from the brand Wasa, (I've tried Ryvita, but they didn't work as well) a layer of hummus, hemp hearts, avocado and chilli flakes. I have mixed it up by adding pepper or pink himalayan sea salt, sprouts and tomato.

Breakfast is one of the toughest meals for me since I stopped eating animal products and avocado on crackers has basically been my go-to for a while. Not all hummus is created equal. If you can't find this fabulous brand, (I buy it at IGA) make sure to read the ingredients before you buy. Some of the containers I've picked up have included so many things I can't even pronounce. No good.

Thanks for indulging in my hummus obsession. What do you love at the moment? oxox Mare (Yes. I just wrote a blog post about hummus. Right before I settled in to finish this post I finished another container. Excuse me while I go buy another ;)

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