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Just Five Minutes

If you watch my Daily Vlogs then you know that mornings usually kick off at 110% in my world. I often wake up to a son who is READY for the day.

In all capital letters.

Thomas does not ease into the day and neither do I. Doing a morning radio show for years conditioned me into a morning person. I am usually ready to open my laptop and start working five minutes after my eyes open. Yes this can create a very productive day, but it also doesn't allow me to breathe and take five minutes to myself.

Until recently.

My friend surprised me last week with this Five Minute Journal and it's already had an impact. I've stuck with it for a week now and I'm feeling a shift. Your write down three things you are grateful for, three things that could make your day better and a mantra for the day.

That's it.

But when you start your day with a grateful mind it is impossible to be stressed in that moment. Stress and gratitude cannot exist simultaneously. This little nugget of knowledge is impactful.

In the evening you open the journal again write what went well and what could have made the day better.

That's it.

When my friend passed it over to me, she said, "this reminds you that can take at least five minutes for yourself". Since starting it I am finding ways to take more than just these few minutes for myself. As someone who preaches the importance of self-care, I often need a reminder to do just that.

I can't recommend this enough. I also hope you all have a friend who sees you. She saw me.

oxox Mare

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