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So Gratifying

Starting my own business was never a dream of mine. In fact, until the idea came to me, I don't think I had ever considered that I could be an entrepreneur.

Who, me?

But last night I was named Young Business Leader of the Year by our local Chamber of Commerce and I could not be more proud. Running your own business means long hours, working every day of the week, making it up as you go along and living in a state of unknown. It means no benefits, no paid holidays and no certainty.

And I love it.

I love that I am building something to create a life for Thomas and me that knows no limit. I love that the harder I work, the greater the pay-off. I love the creativity. I love the flexibility it allows me to care for Thomas.

The award is described as, "a business leader under the age of 40 who has made an outstanding contribution to the business environment, shows excellence in their field, overall business acumen, customer service, community involvement, leadership and employee relations".

Again, this is such an honour. It's reassuring to know I'm on the right path because trust me, I have a lot of doubts! It's incredible to be recognized by the Chamber. I can't help but think that this has more to do with those who support me though. The clients who took a chance on me and who trust the power of social media. The radio listeners who have come over to my YouTube channel. The people who find value in what I product.

Thank you. I promise to keep working hard. You make it worth it.


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