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Who is the 'Mareathoner'?

I've had my YouTube Channel for a few years and although the viewers of my daily vlogs are from every corner of the world, they feel like family. We have a deep connection, often sharing the most vulnerable commonalities.

I asked in the Mareathoner Facebook Group, "in one sentence tell me: who is the Mareathoner'. I was overwhelmed with pride and a sense of community at their responses. If you've been wondering yourself who the Mareathoner is, I invite you to read below. (Then join us!)


Someone who, while bettering themselves, is also kind, supportive and understanding of others.

Someone who doesn’t give up; you might slow your pace to catch your breath, but you don’t quit the Mareathon.

The Mareathoner is someone who knows who they are and what they believe. They celebrate their own successes and those of others. They support other women; they love and are loved.

Someone who lifts others up despite their own struggles.

A Mareathoner is a loyal and strong friend to a total stranger and makes everyone feel like family ❤️

One who stays the course despite the route.

A Mareathoner is someone who, despite struggles and the ups and downs of life, creates their own path and follows where it leads them while lifting up others along the way. #followyourarrow

Someone who listens and accepts how they are feeling but in the end, never gives up the race and also helps others along the way.

Someone who knows the journey is worth it.

Someone who is resilient and perseveres through adversity.

Strong believer all is possible and worth it and rewarding.

Someone who gives and receives support without judgement, while expecting nothing in return.

Someone who wants to be positive, independent and strong but also supportive and kind.

Someone who tries to learn from the past but does not dwell on it.

Someone who cares unconditionally.

A "no excuses" attitude supporter and encourager who shares the excitement of witnessing the finish line being crossed.

Someone who appreciates and understands the struggles in life

Someone who keeps going through thick and thin no matter how hard the battle with a spark to help pick up others on their path.

A group of badass people, who do you, who survive hard stuff. An army of love and support. Most of all, a family.

A person who moves at their own pace through challenges yet consents to the reciprocation of inspiration and nourishment with those on the sidelines.

A compassionate and strong person that takes whatever life throws at him or her.

A person who recognizes the Mareathon as a committed relationship that will take work and perseverance over a lifetime and discovering along the way that they are capable of more than they ever thought possible.


An anchor.

Me, a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a woman, a lady, a bad ass chick, a girlfriend. US!

Someone who is always there for each other to support each other without judgement. To empower each other. We have hearts of gold.

Someone who has lived their worst nightmares but still finds a way to see that life is worth all the pain and keeps on keeping on.

One who persists no matter what may come their way. They continue the journey being the best that they can be in that moment.❤️

A warrior who stands in their own power that believes giving up is never an option.

We are all a Mareathoner: just running either similar or different races but at times meet up at crossroads.

Pushing through one of the hardest times in my life & not throwing in the towel. I lace up with you guys everyday & I love it.

Someone who is wanting to empower other women and encourage and give advice on how to get through life the best way we can.

A Mareathoner accepts the challenges, celebrates the victories, grows from both, shares with all selflessly, and she does it with style [sometimes].

A Mareathoner is someone that wants to improve themselves, and those around them, in a healthy and positive way.

A badass with a kind heart.

All of us💙

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