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10 Different Dishes for Less Than $100

I am so excited to share this project with you today! I have put together TEN different recipes for the slow cooker. I spent less than $100 on the ingredients in total AND each dish provides about 4-6 portions. That means this handy video and list should give you up to SIXTY portions for less than $100!


(Can you tell I like a deal? And that I like to be lazy in the kitchen?)

I have filmed a video giving my tips and tricks and explaining how I went about creating these slow cooker meals.

Click here for a list of the recipes.

Click here for instructions of what to do the day you make each one. Most of the recipes had one or two ingredients I didn't add to the freezer bag but instead added to the slow cooker with the contents of the bag.

Tag me in any of photos if you try these recipes!

oxox Mare

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