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What I've Learned as a Widow

Everyone is different and everyone grieves differently. Even when grieving the same person. I have learned this to be the utmost truth in the year since my husband passed away. June 9th of 2017 Jeremy took his life, leaving a wake of unimaginable grief and sadness. From people who had never met him to former colleagues, past and current friends to immediate family, everyone has had a different journey this past year.

This is mine.

I have chosen to continue to share my journey and healing publicly as Jer and I had done together for years both on the radio and online. In doing so, I have heard from thousands of people grieving all varieties of loss from death to divorce, miscarriage and illness.

Everyone grieves differently. But there are commonalities that bring us together, giving a sense of community, belonging, love and hope.

After surviving the one year anniversary of Jeremy's suicide, I was flooded with requests to share what I learned in past 12 months. I turned on the camera and spoke freely. What was supposed to be one video turned into a trilogy. I hope my story and lessons help you.

You're not alone.



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