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Look for the Greenery

One of my hidden talents is the ability to keep a bouquet of flowers going for weeks. (In fact, check out this blog post for my tips and tricks!) I love the satisfaction of making them pretty for much longer than they should. This bouquet is actually what's left of a stunner with roses and baby's breath and some other beautiful pops of colour. Instead of throwing out the whole thing, I excitedly pared it down to look like this:

As I stepped back and admired my thrifty handiwork I realized it was a fabulous metaphor. The flowers may have wilted but the greenery alone is almost prettier. This feels like a fitting analogy for lifelong friendships. While it’s fabulous to have people there when everything is rosy and pretty and fun, it’s the people who are around for the every day. And they make those every days even more pretty and fun and comforting, just by being there. Look for the greenery and not just the roses.

oxox Mare

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