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Pink Shirt Day

It's Pink Shirt Day today, a day to wear pink to show you aren't someone who will stand for bullying. Clearly in our house bullying is a hard no and in the Mareathoner community it's the same. I thought it would be poignant to have Mareathoners (all adults) to share some of their bullying stories. Their bravery and vulnerability is commendable. Remember that bullying happens at all ages to all people.

And it's never ok. If you're being bullied, please find someone safe to talk to. You're definitely not alone as you will see from the stories below.

oxox M

I was working at a job where I had some customers that made me and other employees very uncomfortable as they were going outside smoking weed and drinking. So we called the cops on them. So when the people left they said to me “this is your problem and when YOU grow up you will learn”.

That hurt because I may have been 19 at the time and I did the right thing by calling the cops for our safety. I felt like they were a bully and I have never ever done anything to anyone

- N

Embarrassed to admit this but I bullied a kid in school who had issues. I bullied others because I was also bullied. Fast forward to 2018. The kid who I bullied was residing in Kelowna. I thought to myself, perfect time to find him and apologize for being a jerk when we were younger. I found his sister on Facebook who informed me that he passed away 2 weeks before of cancer. Im crushed.

I told our old classmates about Rob dying. They are devastated.

- G

When i was in school i was bullied and then beat up so bad that i couldn't go back to school for @ least 3 months.

2 girls attacked me from behind when i was walking home.

- S

When we first moved to BC I was just a 9 1/2 and the teacher who’s class I was in harasses me because we was a late year move in the middle of may and my school hadn’t sent papers etc so he was upset and took it out on me and I believe that kids thought it was ok because they saw him doing it and I was bullied for the next three years by most of those kids. this year my sons school which was also the school I was bullied and I decided to turn it into something positive we held a T-shirt contest and the kids got to design a logo or slogan for pink shirt day and a local business helped us print them as a fundraiser so this year‘s pink shirt day will see the students giving back to the community Through a local youth program being built and our pac is using the other part of the funds to bring an amazing guest speaker in to talk to all grades about inclusion.

- J

I was bullied for my weight when i was about 8 and my head shoved against a telephone pole repeatedly.

My mum found me crying.

My parents contacted the parents of the offending kids and my school but it certainly had a lasting effect on me.

MANY years later I had the opportunity to have imput into a bullying policy where I work. I was able to try and make sure that no one in our building will ever feel like that little girl.

Pink shirt day is so important for everyone to help them stand up for themselves. It is not just for kids.

- A

I was bullied from grade 1-12 tears everyday. I have zero tolerance for bullying. Pink all the way

- J

I was bullied starting in grade 2 due to my large over bite teeth. It was the late eights and nighties.. Buckey O'Hare was my bully name. Braces helped, but when I live in Germany age 16 & 17 the boys called me Ed the Horse.

My oldest daughter is in grade 2 and has recently started receiving meanness regarding her size. Kids are mean!

- L

One of my teachers in high school joined in with the "cool kids" to bully my best friend during class to make everyone laugh. He would make comments about her weight and her intellect when she was not in class. When I brought this to the principal he convinced me I was mistaken and the teacher was a saint. The one reason I am okay with cell phones in school is that if this happens now, the kids could record it happening to prove how awful teachers can be bullies as well. I am doing my best to let my kids know there is ALWAYS someone who will listen and help if they see someone being bullied, they don't need to drop the issue just because one person won't believe them.


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