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Summer 2019 Playlist

You know I love a good playlist! I thought it would be fun to celebrate Summer by creating a list of songs to get us in the mood. So, here's Summer 2019! It's filled with upbeat, fun tunes to blast in the car or at the beach. It will be ever-changing I am sure as more songs are released in the next month or so.

If you don't have Apple Music you can take these songs and make a playlist for yourself!

Keep checking back on my Apple Music account. Just search Redhead Mare and you'll see the other playlists I have for you to check out. There are ones for working out, road trips, motivation and more. There is even one that was curated by Mareathoners aptly called For the Mareathoner.

What is your jam right now? I am LOVING the new Taylor track You Need to Calm Down.

oxox Mare

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