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Quick & Easy Summer Meal Ideas

I used to be someone who meticulously planned out our weekly meals. Every Sunday morning I would sit down with a fresh cup of coffee and flip through cookbooks looking for a new recipe to try. I'd make our menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner for the full week with a plan to eat out on Friday or Saturday. Then we would grocery shop and be set for the week.

Then I became a widow and it all floated directly out the window.

Soon after Jeremy passed away I tearily sat in therapy confessing that I felt like a failure who could not longer muster up the energy to meal plan. My therapist lovingly said to me, "You and Thomas are eating. Full stop. That's all that matters.". I have held on to that sentiment ever since. We eat mostly the same things day in and day out. If you watch my vlogs you can attest to this! Slowly I am starting to get my cooking groove back, and I recently found some goodies that are delicious and so I wanted to share them with you in this video.

oxox M

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