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Balance is BS

Isn't a relief to realize that we don't have to balance everything perfectly all the time?

I love this comment from Debra I got on this video:

"Actual balance = Perfection, which is an illusion. Here is my take. Knowing your life is comprised of an infinate number of moving parts, family, friends, health, work, money, life size jenga, the new Ed Sheeran... Whatever it is that makes you smile, that makes you whole. Its all there, its all important, it all helps shape who you are and you are a very fluid situation. The idea of trying to attain balance is really just you reminding youself that there is more to life than that thing/situation you are tunnel visioning on. It may be the very most important thing in the world to you in this moment of time, but it isn't all that you are, all that you love. Achieving balance will never happen, trying to attain some semblance of it will remind you to pay attention to all of your life (yes even life size jenga if thats a thing for you) All of it, everything that makes you whole. Reminding yourself of all these many facets of your life will also show you just how blessed you are, and that while you might be struggling with something right now, you most certainly are winning at so many other things. And that feeling right there.. That feeling is the bomb. It makes conquring your struggles attainable. Its all in the journey."

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