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My Handbag Collection (VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE)

First of all, this video definitely includes my best blooper of all time! Watch a shelf narrowly miss falling on my head. Once we get past THAT, enjoy my handbag collection! This was a recent request and I had a lot of fun filming it. One thing we learn is that I definitely have enough bags. (Although how many is too many...asking for a friend...) I have been eating vegan for about three years now and in doing so, I slowly started to switch my beauty routine to be cruelty-free. Then my bags and shoes etc. It has been a slow roll for me but I can tell you it feels amazing to know that no animals had to be killed in order for me to have a beautiful handbag! Enjoy the video and then check out my full list of bags below. Are there any vegan bag lines you recommend I look into?

oxo Mare

My Bag Collection:

Matt and Nat Card Holder

Matt and Nat Wallet (similar)

Matt and Nat Passport Holder

Matt and Nat Black Crossbody

Matt and Nat Brown Clutch (retired this one, but here’s others)

Expressions NYC Black Handbag (retired but so many cute ones!)

Pixie Mood Light Pink Purse

Pixie Mood Light Brown Purse

Matt and Nat Black Purse (similar)

Matt and Nat Pink Backpack (different colours)

Pixie Mood Grey Ombre Tote Bag

Matt and Nat Diaper Bag/Briefcase

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