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Super Attractor

We are officially reading the last book of 2019 in the MareReads Book Club! I am excited to share with you that it's Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein. A few years ago I was first introduced to Gabby when I read The Universe Has Your Back and my world was changed. She shifted the way I see things, ask for things and decide things. That book was a game changer. Then I read The Judgement Detox last year which was another book filled with countless a-ha moments! Gabby is one of Oprah's SuperSoul speakers and her message is always clear. I can't wait for us to read her newest one, Super Attractor! I think it will be the best way to wrap up 2019 and feel clear heading into 2020. Pick up a copy and read it before December 16th. That evening we will be meeting in the Mareathoner Facebook Group to discuss. That night I will also be announcing the first book of 2020 for the MareReads Book Club!

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