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Mareathoner 2019 Self-Care Advent Calendar

2019 only has one more month left and I know some people are choosing to go at it hard with panic of completing goals before a new decade rolls over.

You do you.

But what I am proposing is something more gentle, still with a goal-oriented mindset. I am hoping with our Mareathoner 2019 Self-Care Advent Calendar, we can have a joyous and productive month of December with calm minds and peaceful hearts. As much as we can.

This year I have designed the advent calendar with you in mind. December is busy and stressful and we often feel we are pulled in a million directions. Or, it can be lonely and isolating. I have been surprised in the past few years how many people find the holidays sad and upsetting. It's definitely not all the social media highlight reel we see.

So, the calendar has been designed for YOU. As you will see, I have simplified it so that we don't feel we are overwhelmed and adding yet another obligation to the day. Week to week the days are almost the same with a few twists. I will talk about them throughout Vlogmas and in the Facebook group as well. Sunday we set ourselves up for a good week. Monday we, out-loud, list what we are grateful for. (This is meant to combat the toxic comparison tendencies.) Tuesday we try our best to make decisions to feel nourished and stay healthy this month. (We can share healthy yet festive options with each other.) Wednesday we set aside at least 30 minutes for us. Thursday we connect. Friday we move. Saturday we put down the screen. We are all in this together. oxox

Here's the link to download the PDF to print out and follow along. I can't wait to see how you use the calendar this coming month. Mare oxox

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