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The Best Christmas Surprise

Well, let's just say that December 2019 didn't go as expected. If you followed along with my Vlogmas, first of all thank you! But you will know that I got sick on December 1st and honestly, I am still recovering. I was told it was it just a virus and a cold, but I ended up being diagnosed with either bronchitis or walking pneumonia on New Year's Eve.

Christmas was still wonderful, as we had plotted for months to surprise my mum in a huge way. My mum hadn't been home for Christmas in seven years, so just that was massive in itself. But then my niece decided to come for a week and she wanted it to be a surprise for my mum. Let's just say, it was the best day ever! Here's the vlog to show you.

It was a wonderful visit and I am so honoured that she came for a week to stay with us. Lucky to be an aunt, that's for sure.

I've felt out of sorts being sick for this long. I usually love to post year in review videos and this year I just had to opt out. I need to feel better and I have been resting as much as a single mum can. We are still working on Thomas' sleep (that will be a whole other video or post!) and being sick has definitely made me realize I need to slow down and prioritize my health.

I still plan to film and post a video recapping my word for 2019 and how that panned out for me as well as talk about my word for 2020. Vlogs will be returning, once I kick this pneumonia! I hope you had a great holiday season and that 2020 is easy on you so far.

oxo Mare

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