Well, hello there! It's been a beat since I sat down to write here. I have been in quite the whirlwind and am just starting to catch my breath! Let me do a speed round to catch you up: 

- I had walking pneumonia and was sick for about seven weeks, including most of Dece...


Well, let's just say that December 2019 didn't go as expected. If you followed along with my Vlogmas, first of all thank you! But you will know that I got sick on December 1st and honestly, I am still recovering. I was told it was it just a virus and a cold, but I ende...


 Christmas can be a difficult time of year for anyone with so many expectations and different needs traditions etc. Throw in the added stress of having a child with special needs, and it can be even more upsetting. My son Thomas doesn't understand the holidays or prese...

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