Starting my own business was never a dream of mine. In fact, until the idea came to me, I don't think I had ever considered that I could be an entrepreneur.

Who, me?

But last night I was named Young Business Leader of the Year by our local Chamber of Commerce and I co...


If you have been following me for a while, you will know that this site is fairly new. I decided to launch the Mareathoner website after my husband passed away in June. Every time I sat down to tend to my other website,  it felt old and I felt disconnec...


Calm comes in all shapes and sizes.

When I pull this mug from my cupboard to pour a hot cup of coffee or brew a fresh cup of tea, it brings me calm.

When I make the time to do a face mask, it brings me calm.

When I take the time to catch up with someone in person or on...

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