I love buying myself flowers.  It feels like such a treat and a gift to myself every time I do. They brighten my home and are such an easy, inexpensive way to bring some joy.  

Treat yourself. Buy the damn flowers. 

I'm not talking about pricey, intricate bouquets w...


I think if you were to take a sample of my blood, it would be 47% hummus. 


I love hummus.  Specifically I love Homous. 

This brand of hummus has come out tops for me after trying countless kinds. (I do mean countless!) It's delicious and a great addition to p...


Yup. I've found my first must-read of 2017. 

This book is so riveting that when I finished it this morning I immediately bought to audio book. 

That, dear Mareathoner, is a fabulous testament to how much I got out of this book. 

Lilly Singh is a Canadian YouTuber with mor...

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