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Work With Mare

Mare has a powerful and inspiring story she's sharing with the world. Her message is relatable and she's been encouraging people to take control of their lives for years. 

Mare is available for a variety of speaking engagements including workshops, keynotes and roundtables. Mare ensures her message is customized for each individual group as she wants every person to get the most take-away from each event. 

Mare has an extensive background in broadcasting, writing and public speaking. She reaches tens of thousands of people on her YouTube Channel every month, her engaging social media and her radio program heard throughout central and southern BC. 

"Mare’s sharing so willingly from her heart is truly appreciated by all who have the pleasure (and honor) to hear her speak. She elicits laughter, tears, hugs, sighs and applause - repeatedly, all within a few thoughts.    

We look forward to having her return and share with us again - on any of the many topics in her extensive repertoire. 

Mare is a joy to have in our presence, and her heart, empathy, wit, energy and knowledge are legendary." - Marlene

Mare's March - Fall 2018.DSC_5166.jpg

“I first had the pleasure of watching Mare speak of vision boards and the effect it had on her life. I decided to try it. Every January 1st since then I have created a vision board. I mount it next to my make-up table and mirror and I study it every day. 90% of the items I dream of accomplishing happen. I am now a firm believer in this secret to making the law of attraction work for me in my life. I couldn’t have dreamed of this having such a large impact in the success of my life and I am very thankful for her vision that also became mine.” - Tracy

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"Mare’s presentation was very meaningful and thought-provoking. She had the perfect balance of personal and business experience combined with research and knowledge. I left the presentation with a variety of tools and takeaways.  I would highly recommend Mare as a professional speaker and would love to see her speak again." - Amber

Keynote Topic Examples: 

How Your Mindset Can Up-Level Your Business and Your Life

How to Create a Vision Board and Make it WORK

How to Continue on in Tough Times

Navigating the Reality of Raising a Child With Special Needs

Surviving Losing a Spouse to Mental Health: The Reality No One Talks About

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